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Unusual Nature of Ζtheric "Power"

Commenting on "FLOYD SWEET'S VTA UNIT," by Walt Rosenthal (Space Energy Newsletter; Vo. IV. No. I; Mar. 13, 1993; Editors: Donald A. Kelly, Michael Marino; PO Box 11422; Clearwater, FL 34616)

July 14, 2002


The above account resembles in some ways another device of which I am familiar. It describes some of the very unusual properties of  ζtheric  energy.

One associate of mine says that ζtheric energy travels very slowly -- e.g. 2 feet per second. He received a large dose of it accidentally one time. It did not cause his muscles to contract, like electricity does. Seeing that it was not injuring him, he purposely held on for about 35 seconds. He had an adrenalin-rush-like high for several hours afterward. Blue streaks of "lightning" were shooting from his feet to the floor around him while he was being "shocked." He said that the ζtheric energy is far more compatible with the human body, as compared to 60 Hz electricity of the power grid which is deleterious to health and to the natural fields of the earth. The 60 Hz power grid actually impedes the natural magnetic/ζtheric fields of the earth and will have catastrophic results once the buffering capacities are exceeded.

This ζtheric energy does not come in instantaneously with the flip of a switch like regular electricity, but it takes several seconds before it begins flowing (e.g. 10-20 secs). Ozone is created until the flow is established.

He said that the human body is a natural receptical of ζtheric energy and benefits from it continuously. He theorizes that a person could learn to augment this effect and channel the power to other uses.

Walt Rosenthal theorizes that the reason for the difference between my friend's account and the one above is that it entailed a concentrated dosage at one point. Alternatively, the kinds of energies being tapped by the two machines are different.

One thing we can say is that we have a lot of experimentation and learning to do with this new energy. New appliance interfaces will be indicated eventually if we are to use the ζtheric energy efficiently and not have to convert it over to A.C., with all its side effects. Conveying it over long distances will be rendered obsolete as obtaining it locally will be so easy.

I should mention too, that he suggests that wiring for homes using A.C. currents (which most all homes are at present), should be through the floors, not through the walls.

As we move to ζtheric energy, our spiritual receptiveness will also be enhanced.




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